RFR (XS) CR 8014233: java.lang.Thread should be @Contended

Aleksey Shipilev aleksey.shipilev at oracle.com
Thu May 9 09:53:26 UTC 2013

On 05/09/2013 01:39 PM, David Holmes wrote:
> Well the code change is easy enough to review :)

Ha! Bike-shed opportunity: to use fully quailified class name in the
annotation, or not. (I'm following the suit for j.u.c.ForkJoinPool and

> As to the effects ... no way to judge that: time and testing will tell.

What exactly do you mean by this? Testing tells securing against the
false sharing is fruitful. And letting it drag means it will fire back
at us sooner or later, and we will waste orders of magnitude more work
tracing the particular concurrency issue back to Thread.


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