Trivial RFR: 8014857 Enable ergonomic VM selection in arm/jvm.cfg

David Holmes david.holmes at
Mon May 20 02:06:22 UTC 2013

The contents of the ARM jvm.cfg were put in place for the SE Embedded 
product, but for the SE ARM implementation we want to enable ergonomics, 
as we do on other platforms.

--- old/src/solaris/bin/arm/jvm.cfg	2013-05-19 22:03:30.424314843 -0400
+++ new/src/solaris/bin/arm/jvm.cfg	2013-05-19 22:03:29.192246170 -0400
@@ -30,6 +30,6 @@
  # "-XXaltjvm=<jvm_dir>" option, but that too is unsupported
  # and may not be available in a future release.
--client KNOWN
+-client IF_SERVER_CLASS -server
  -server KNOWN
  -minimal KNOWN

Tested VM selection on both server class and non-server class devices.


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