Resync j.u.c and Update ConcurrentHashMap to v8 - JEP 155

Doug Lea dl at
Mon May 27 13:05:32 UTC 2013

On 05/24/13 23:17, Mike Duigou wrote:

> There's an awful lot here!

(It's been a long time since jdk7 :-)

> - It was surprising (and somewhat disappointing) to see changes like the following in various places. Is iterator creation that expensive? I'd hate to have to go back to using old style for loops everywhere.
> -        List<Future<T>> futures = new ArrayList<Future<T>>(tasks.size());
> +        ArrayList<Future<T>> futures = new ArrayList<Future<T>>(tasks.size());

Are you suggesting that we not improve performance? :-)
Waiting a decade in wishful-thinking mode about ArrayList
traversal seems long enough.

(Aside: We addressed this in stream Spliterators to the
extent possible at library level. ArrayList.forEach of a fully
resolved non-capturing lambda is around twice as fast
as iterators.)

> - The default for getOrDefault() in ConcurrentMap shouldn't be removed.
> - CopyOnWriteArraySet currently has an ORDERED spliterator. Set is not normally order preserving.

Thanks! Both the results of my not rechecking vs lambda versions
(where a lot of this code has been running for a while now).
Hopefully no other three-way diffs of jsr166, lambda, tl
fell between cracks.


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