Windows command line processing

Martin Buchholz martinrb at
Wed May 29 03:17:50 UTC 2013

One historical reason for this class of bugs was the historic support for
Windows98 family, which made it much harder to switch to the correct "W"
Unicode APIs.  Today Windows98 is no longer supported, so some things may
appear easy or at least easier.

On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 6:59 AM, Salter, Thomas A
<Thomas.Salter at>wrote:

> I've observed issues with passing non-ASCII characters through the command
>  line to a Java program on Windows.  It seems that even though I can invoke
> java.exe through CreateProcess, passing a full range of Unicode characters,
> and even though the Java main accepts strings of Unicode characters, the
> launcher's C main function converts the Unicode to the local ANSI code
> page.  Thus any characters not in the local code page are lost.  This seems
> like a bug to me.
> As a proof of concept, I changed jdk/src/share/bin/main.c to call
> GetCommanLineW instead of GetCommandLine, and then converted that string to
> UTF-8.  For my test, I set sun.jnu.encoding to UTF-8 so that
> makePlatformString in LauncherHelper would just work.
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