RFR JDK-8034032 : Check src/macosx/native/java/util/prefs/MacOSXPreferencesFile.m for JNI pending issues

Brent Christian brent.christian at oracle.com
Wed Aug 6 21:45:56 UTC 2014

Please review my fix for:


Within jdk/src/macosx/native/java/util/prefs/MacOSXPreferencesFile.m,
there is a pattern of making blocks of toCF() calls, where
later toCF() calls are made when there could be an exception pending 
from an earlier toCF() call.

toCF()creates a CFString from a Java String.  If an error occurs, it 
will raise an exception by calling the throwIfNull() macro:

#define throwIfNull(var, msg) \
     do { \
         if (var == NULL) { \
             throwOutOfMemoryError(env, msg); \
             goto bad##var; \
         } \
     } while (0)

Note: "##var" is substituted for whatever text is serving as "var", and 
throwIfNull() is meant to jump to the cleanup portion of a function 
(e.g. "badvar") to do cleanup before exiting.

This goto behavior is used more as intended elsewhere in 
MacOSXPreferencesFile.m.  toCF() doesn't have such cleanup to do.

An example of a series of calls to toCF():

650     CFStringRef path = toCF(env, jpath);
651     CFStringRef child = toCF(env, jchild);
652     CFStringRef name = toCF(env, jname);

It's not until later that we check that everything turned out OK:

661     if (!path  ||  !child  ||  !name) goto badparams;

If one toCF() call throws an OOME exception, it will still be pending 
when the next call to toCF() makes a JNI call, (GetStringLength() in 
this case).

I believe the right thing to do here is to check the success of each 
toCF() call before making the next toCF() call.  I've left the existing 
null checks / 'goto badparams' as is.

I also clear any pending exceptions in throwOutOfMemoryError().


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