new StringBuilder(char)

Pavel Rappo pavel.rappo at
Sat Aug 16 19:30:50 UTC 2014



changeset: 4823:194faa6fdb3c
user: sherman
date: Mon Dec 05 10:50:14 2011 -0800
files: src/share/classes/java/util/ test/java/util/MissingFormatArgumentException/
description: 5063455: (fmt) MissingFormatArgumentException.getFormatSpecifier() incorrect return value
Summary: updated the incorrect StringBuilder constructor usage
Reviewed-by: dholmes, sherman
Contributed-by: brandon.passanisi at



On 16 Aug 2014, at 20:17, Louis Wasserman <lowasser at> wrote:

> There are indications this bug has actually occurred in released JDK code
> before

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