Review request for XML JAXP unit test colocation

Tristan Yan tristan.yan at
Thu Nov 6 03:41:14 UTC 2014

Hi Frank
What I meant is uploading webrev for you. An open JDK review means you send your code to open JDK alias. Anyone is open JDK alias is eligible to review your code. There are some people they are not working on Oracle. They have no access to Oracle network. According the open JDK process your webrev has to be uploaded into somewhere that everyone can access.  Most of people are using <> because this is provided to people who has Author/Role in open JDK community. I can’t create an account for you. You need contribute before you get an open JDK id. Please see the detail information as following link. 


> On Nov 5, 2014, at 7:03 PM, Frank Yuan <frank.yuan at> wrote:
> Oh, thanks for your reminder! 
> Do you mean you can help me to generate an account to access <>? Certainly I want, thanks in advance.
> Best Regards
> Frank
> From: Tristan Yan [mailto:tristan.yan at] 
> Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2014 3:54 AM
> To: Frank Yuan
> Cc: Core Java Libraries SQE
> Subject: Re: Review request for XML JAXP unit test colocation
> Hi Frank
> I think you’re using internal link for open review. You need a standard one in <>. Do you want me to help you to generate one? 
> Thanks
> Tristan
>> On Nov 5, 2014, at 1:12 AM, Frank Yuan <frank.yuan at <mailto:frank.yuan at>> wrote:
>> Hi, Joe and All
>> Thanks for your previous reviews and comments. Per your comments: I added
>> description for every test, got them running with and without security
>> manager and fixed the known test issues.  Could you help review the changes
>> for JAXP unittest co-location again? After your review, I will push the
>> tests into JDK repo: jaxp/test.
>> bug: <>
>> webrev: <>
>> test results:
>> <>
>> Thanks,
>> Frank

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