Library enhancement proposal for copying data from/to Reader/Writer InputStream/OutputStream

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at
Thu Nov 13 19:59:52 UTC 2014

On 13/11/2014 19:31, Patrick Reinhart wrote:
> Hi there,
> In the followup of a BOF with Stephen Colebourne with his ideas of small library changes that may could get in JDK9. As of the fact that in the codebase of my company there are several locations where we copy from/to IO stream over and over again using either external libraries or do it by ourselves,  I suggested to have some support for easy coping data between Input-/OutputStream or Reader/Writer without having to use to external libraries.
Long overdue. I remember we prototyped methods like this (and much more) 
during JDK 7 but didn't do enough at the time to actually get them in. 
We did include a bunch of easy to use methods in the Files class at the 
time, including copy between input/output streams and files, but we 
didn't introduce an IOUtils or such class in


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