Lower overhead String encoding/decoding

Richard Warburton richard.warburton at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 00:01:59 UTC 2014

Hi gents,

Here are some comments regarding the updated webrev.
>> (1) String(ByteBuffer, String) needs "@throw UEE".
>> (2) It should be "default replacement byte array" not "replace string"
>> for all
>>      getBytes() methods when malformed/unmappable
>> (3) for decoding (new String) from ByteBuffer, since it is guaranteed
>> that all
>>      bytes in the input ByteBuffer will be decoded, it might be desirable
>> to clearly
>>      specify that the position of the buffer will be "advanced to its
>> limit" ?
>> (4) ln#1137 has an extra "*"
>> (5) StringCoding.decode(cs, bb), why do you want to allocate a direct
>> buffer
>>      here for "untrusted"? Basically the output buffer "ca" will always
>> be a wrapper
>>      of a char[], all our charset implementation will have better
>> performance if
>>      both input and output are "array based" (decode on array directly,
>> instead of
>>      the "slow" ByteBuffer)
> Overall I think this is looking quite good and I think Sherman has
> captured the main issues. On #3 then wording such as ".. the position will
> be updated" isn't clear enough to allow the method be tested, it needs to
> make it clear that the position is advanced by the number of bytes that
> were decoded.

Thanks for looking at this patch and agreeing to sponsor - I've pushed
fixes for these issues at:



  Richard Warburton

  @RichardWarburto <http://twitter.com/richardwarburto>

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