Urgent [9], 2nd round, RFR (S) : JDK-8039915 NumberFormat.format() does not consider required no. of fraction digits properly

olivier.lagneau at oracle.com olivier.lagneau at oracle.com
Wed Oct 8 14:47:45 UTC 2014

Hi William,

On 07/10/2014 18:33, William Price wrote:
>> Please review this 2nd version of the fix taking into account your feedback.
> I'm not recognized here as a reviewer, but the code looked OK to me and
> it passed my patch test suite.
Thanks for letting me know. That provides additional confidence in the 
code !
>> I have merged HALF_UP and HALF_DOWN cases into a single switch case.
> Good to know.  My current patch injects a method call to shim code
> immediately after the HALF_UP case label.  I need to account for this or
> else the applied patch could potentially cause HALF_DOWN to behave the
> same as HALF_UP!  Thankfully, this is easily detectable in the bytecode
> (not that the impact to my patch is of much concern to the core devs,
> but it dove-tails nicely).
> I'm looking forward to seeing this merged and the bug fixed/closed.  For my
> company, the sooner this makes it into an 8u update, the better.
This kind of code is very sensitive and we need to be very careful on 
the changes and during reviews.
That takes some time.
We expect to provide it soon in 8u base !


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