RFR 8060432: tools/pack200/TestNormal.java fails on Windows with java.io.FileNotFoundException after JDK-8058854

Amy Lu amy.lu at oracle.com
Wed Oct 15 02:42:41 UTC 2014

On 10/15/14, 4:44 AM, Kumar Srinivasan wrote:
> Amy,
> The modifications you have made will not test pack200 compression
> and normalization correctly, as the test needs ".class" files.

Sorry, I missed that.
Please review the updated version, test works on ".class" files 

> Do you know
> why the test fails on windows ?

extractJar(JarFile jf, File where) try to extract jar files to folder 
"testdir", as the jar contains files of
extractJar method run into issue on Windows as it try to extract it to 

Anyway, as there already has some ".class" files to working on 
(Utils.TEST_CLS_DIR), extractJar method is not needed.


> Kumar
> On 10/14/2014 7:19 AM, Amy Lu wrote:
>> Please review the test fix.
>> bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8060432
>> webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~weijun/8060432/webrev.00/
>> This test is to test
>> compareJars(new JarFile("normalized.jar"), new JarFile("repacked.jar"));
>> where the jar files (normalized.jar repacked.jar and original.jar) 
>> are created by "jar cnf" "jar cf" or "pack200 -r”.
>> extractJar(JarFile jf, File where) is not really needed as this 
>> method just try to provide some files for the test to do "jar cnf”. 
>> Actually, "jar cnf" can work on any files, test just need some files 
>> to jar with.
>> Test can just simply created some files for that purpose.
>> Thanks,
>> Amy

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