Review request: JDK-8043277: Update jdk regression tests to extend the default security policy instead of override

Staffan Larsen staffan.larsen at
Fri Oct 24 13:33:29 UTC 2014

Since this is the first use of jtreg 4.1b10 features, this would also be good time to tag the jdk test suite to require at least 4.1b10. 

This latest version of jtreg has support for checking which version of jtreg the test suite requires. So you can add a line saying:
   requiredVersion=4.1 b10
to TEST.ROOT and jtreg will verify that its version number is higher than “requiredVersion" when it runs.

It’s not until we move from b10 to b11 that this will actually be useful, but it could be a good time to introduce it.


On 23 okt 2014, at 15:40, Alan Bateman <Alan.Bateman at> wrote:

> On 23/10/2014 02:08, Mandy Chung wrote:
>> jtreg policy option overrides the system security policy file and hence
>> some existing test policy files have to duplicate the entries to grant
>> permissions for JDK.
> This looks okay to me too. I think this will be the first use of a jtreg4.1-b10 feature and maybe someone should send a note to jdk9-dev to tell folks that they will need an up-to-date jtreg in order to test jdk9/dev.
> -Alan

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