Losing features of JVM_Open, e.g. CLOEXEC

frederic parain frederic.parain at oracle.com
Fri Oct 31 12:27:31 UTC 2014

On 30/10/2014 19:42, Martin Buchholz wrote:
>> Either the file descriptor leak issue is specific to
>> the zip package and can be fixed locally. Or the issue
>> impacts more native code and adding an infrastructure
>> to libjava should be discussed. Quickly grepping the
>> code, I found many naked calls to open, but only one
>> use of FD_CLOEXEC. Further investigations would be
>> required to track potential file descriptor leaks in
>> all libraries.
>> Did you create a bug to track this issue yet?
> Nope.  But if I did, what component/sub-component would it go into.?
> We don't even seem to have a place to report cross-library bugs!  We
> have no infrastructure to work on the "no infrastructure" problem!

I'd suggest to create a first bug in core-libs to create
the infrastructure, and then other libs can refer to this
bug to fix their own code.
But it would be better to have core-libs team opinion before
doing this.



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