RFR: 8079459: JCK test api/java_nio/ByteBuffer/index.html#GetPutXXX start failing after JDK-8026049

Brian Burkhalter brian.burkhalter at oracle.com
Mon May 11 16:50:52 UTC 2015

On May 11, 2015, at 9:49 AM, Andrew Haley <aph at redhat.com> wrote:

>> One point is that the regression tests are much more tractable to run.
> Well, yeah.  I have to confess that I did not run the TCK tests for
> this bug, so you may have a point...

Makes one wonder whether some portion of those tests ought to be moved into the regression test area. No reason SQE could not run them from there. I suppose there are historical reasons for the way things are however.


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