Patch to improve primitives Array.sort()

O'Leary, Kristen Kristen.O'Leary at
Mon May 11 15:33:18 UTC 2015

Hi Alan,

For MAX_RUN_LENGTH, the constant was used to limit the size of a run when the numbers were equal. We treat equal numbers as part of the same run and do not require such a limitation.

We have created a consolidated test based upon your feedback and Sunny will work on getting a new revision sent out.


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On 24/04/2015 09:57, Paul Sandoz wrote:
> See here:
> Some very quick comments as i have not yet had time to review more closely:
> - IANAL so i dunno about the GS copyright in the files.
> - The constant MAX_RUN_LENGTH is no longer used so could be removed. But i would like to understand why it's no longer required.
> - There is quite a bit of duplication in the tests. AFAICT data sources are all derived from ints that are then converted. The sources could be data providers, so only one test method per data type is required, each data can come with a descriptive string so it shows up in the test reports. The goal here being if another source of data is added (which is derivable) it could be added just once.
Also overall with the existing Sorting test should be examined as it tests a lot of cases with varying data sizes (and consequentially runs for a long time). We should also go back through the archives for all the other benchmarks that were created in the move to the dual pivot implementation.


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