Review request for JDK-8078596: jaxp tests failed in modular jdk due to internal class access

Frank Yuan frank.yuan at
Fri May 15 09:48:19 UTC 2015

Hi, Joe and All


This is a test bug on 9-repo-jigsaw, jaxp tests failed due to internal class


To fix this bug, I made the following changes:

1. moved the tests which test internal APIs to separate directory and added
@modules for them

2. for other tests which don't intend to test internal APIs but have some
internal API dependencies:

  2.1. replaced internal APIs usage with public APIs

  2.2. replaced the constants defined in internal classes with local


As Alan's suggestion, I would push the changes to jdk9/dev and ask an open
review. Would you like to take a look?  Any comment will be appreciated.











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