Review Request 8074432: Move jdeps to jdk.compiler module

Mandy Chung mandy.chung at
Wed May 27 06:00:52 UTC 2015

We discussed this offline and revised the proposal to group javap and classfile library together with jdeps in jdk.jdeps module for static analysis tools to live.  The jdk.compiler module will contain the compiler and a couple of small tools.  Moving out javap and classfile library save about 1.2M uncompressed from jdk.compiler (~11%).

The module is named after the primary tool, jdeps in this case.  Tools are in JAVA_HOME/bin directory of idk image and so which module jdeps and javap are transparent in the idk image. 

Revised webrev:

This touches many langtools tests to update @modules but should be easy to review.

$ du -s -h jdk.jdeps/com/sun/tools/*           
816K	jdk.jdeps/com/sun/tools/classfile
468K	jdk.jdeps/com/sun/tools/javap
400K	jdk.jdeps/com/sun/tools/jdeps
$ du -s -h jdk.compiler/     
9.1M	jdk.compiler/


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