RFR: updated draft API for JEP 269 Convenience Collection Factories

Stuart Marks stuart.marks at oracle.com
Fri Nov 6 02:13:12 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Sorry for the hiatus. I had this thing called JavaOne that I had to deal with....

Please review this updated draft API and implementation. Highlights of changes are:

  - factory methods removed from concrete collections

  - renamed Map.fromEntries() to Map.ofEntries()

  - increased List.of() and Set.of() fixed-arg overloads to ten elements,
    and Map.of() to ten key-value pairs

  - updated specs to clarify that nulls are disallowed and that duplicate
    Set elements and Map keys are disallowed

  - removed KeyValueHolder from the public API and adjusted Map.entry()
    to return Map.Entry

  - value-based and other stipulations added to Map.entry() specification

  - inclusion of skeletal implementation and tests

  - spec updates and cleanups

Regarding the number of fixed-arg overloads, having five List and Set elements 
seemed too few, and even eight key-value pairs for Map seemed too few. I've 
somewhat arbitrarily chosen ten elements and pairs. It seems high enough to 
catch most cases with the fixed-arg overloads, and we still have the varargs as 
an escape hatch.

The implementations are "skeletal" in that they simply use the existing 
collection implementations wrapped by the unmodifiable wrappers where 
appropriate. This should be sufficient to vet the API and to pass all the tests. 
The main deficiency with these implementations is that they're serializable but 
their serial form isn't final. And of course they don't deliver any of the 
promised space efficiencies.

My plan is to try to converge on the API specification and integrate it into 
jdk9-dev along with the skeletal implementations over the next couple weeks. 
This should allow test development and writing of examples and such to proceed. 
The space-efficient implementations, and a revised serial form (using 
serialization proxies), will come after that.

I'll be at Devoxx Antwerp next week so there will likely be some delay in my 
responses on this list. But I might see some of you there as well. If so, please 
say hi! In any case I'll pick this up mid-November and continue moving it forward.









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