RFR(S): 8131129: Attempt to define a duplicate BMH$Species class

Vladimir Ivanov vladimir.x.ivanov at oracle.com
Fri Nov 6 12:31:08 UTC 2015


> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~plevart/jdk9-dev/BMH.race/webrev.06/

Looks really good! Reviewed.

> - the SPECIES_DATA field in generated class can not be static final when
> it is initialized out of <clinit>. Just static. It was just static
> before when it was initialized in <clinit> and could be static final. We
> can make it @Stable at least.
Not sure it is on hot path, but I'm all for marking the field as @Stable

> - there's no need for empty <clinit> method now. Removed.
> Basic java/lang/invoke jtreg tests pass.

Best regards,
Vladimir Ivanov

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