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>> On 6 Nov 2015, at 14:19, Fabrizio Giudici  
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>>> I logged an issue:
>>> <>
>> Thanks to Remi and Paul for the complete explanation. Concerning  
>> JDK-8141608, I lile Peter Levart's comment about making a specific  
>> Collector.
> There is a problem with that approach. At the moment the Collector does  
> not get to control whether the stream is executed in parallel or  
> sequentially.

Sure, I understand. I think it would be ok if the Collector has as a  
pre-requisite that it can't be used with a parallel Stream. I assume that  
if the stream is not parallel, the runtime won't ever try to execute the  
Collector in parallel... right? That's what I see from the tests I've  
executed so far.

I've tried to write such a FileCollector, with a check that throws an  
exception if the accumulator Supplier function is called more than once,  
with code such as:

     private final AtomicBoolean parallelChecker = new AtomicBoolean();

     public Supplier<PrintWriter> supplier()
         return this::oneShotPrintWriterSupplier;

     private PrintWriter oneShotPrintWriterSupplier()
         if (parallelChecker.getAndSet(true))

         return pw;

It seems to properly detect when it's called with a parallel Stream. Do  
you think that it's safe enough?

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