Proposed API for JEP 259: Stack-Walking API

Peter Levart peter.levart at
Tue Nov 10 09:07:00 UTC 2015

Hi Mandy,

On 11/10/2015 03:20 AM, Mandy Chung wrote:
> I have updated the APIs to incorporate all the feedback.  Thank you all.  Let me know if I miss any.
> Summary:
> 1. Change to use wildcard walk(Function<? super Stream<StackFrame>, ? extends T> function)
> 2. Removed the walk method taking IntUnaryOperator batchSizeMapper argument
> 3. Add the new static factory method to create StackWalker and keep the constructors private
> 4. StackFrame::getFileName and StackFrame::getLineNumber return Optional<String>, OptionaIInt respectively as they are optional.
> 4. maxDepth is not really needed as the user can use Stream::limit.  So taken out.
> 5. Add StackWalker::create(Set<Option> options, int estimateDepth) to take an estimate depth to give a hint the estimated number of frames to traverse by this walker.  The implementation may use it to tune the buffer size.
> Javadoc
> FYI.  I’ll post the webrevs in a new code review thread.
> Mandy

Javadoc says that a StackWalker instance can be reused, but nothing is 
said whether it is thread-safe. Can a single instance be used to walk 
the stack from multiple threads?

In getCallerClass, an example can be added to the description:

If this |getCallerClass| method is called by the last frame on the 
stack, for example when this |getCallerClass| method is invoked from the 
|static main| entry point or a method called from a JNI attached thread 
*such as Thread::run*, this method returns an empty |Optional| since the 
caller's class is not found.

ResourceBundle example needs to be updated.

Regards, Peter

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