Proposed API for JEP 259: Stack-Walking API

Timo Kinnunen timo.kinnunen at
Thu Nov 19 13:36:30 UTC 2015

A point in favor of UnsupportedOperationException would be: if in the future it becomes possible to have large parts of the JVM written in Java or becomes part of the J2SE API then having an instance of a VirtualMachine class as the caller of public static void main and could be completely true and natural. Changing getCallerClass to support this and not throw an UOE feels less of a breaking change than it no longer throwing an IllegalStateException. Especially since no state that the caller can affect has actually changed!

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From: John Rose
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Subject: Re: Proposed API for JEP 259: Stack-Walking API

On Nov 18, 2015, at 6:32 PM, David Holmes <david.holmes at> wrote:
>>> Looks good to me too if IllegalStateException is used instead of
>>> UnsupportedOperationException.
>>> UnsuppportedOperationException is used when the operation is not
>>> available, here, the same code can work or not depending how it is
>>> called.
>> But IllegalStateException is dependent on some state. There's no state
>> involved here (in the sense "state" is characterized in Java). My 1st
> I agree with Remi. "state" doesn't have to mean fields - there are numerous existing examples in the JDK. Calling a method in a context that is invalid is an illegal state to me. IllegalThreadStateException would also work. But UnsupportedOperationException ... more of a stretch.


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