Expecting Integer.valueOf(String) to accept Literal format ...

Christoph Engelbert me at noctarius.com
Sat Apr 9 11:33:49 UTC 2016

Hey Andrew,

Not sure it would risk breaking compatibility. It’s fairly easy to support it by just replacing underscore before parsing. Do you think of code that is expected to not parse underscore arguments? I think it’s a fair request to support underscore based integer representations, even though I never needed it yet, anyhow it makes sense to me to give users the possibility to have the same integer representation in, let’s say, properties files.


> On 09 Apr 2016, at 11:06, Andrew Haley <aph at redhat.com> wrote:
> On 08/04/16 23:36, kedar mhaswade wrote:
>> As library writers however, how would you explain this mismatch?
> Changing valueOf(String) runs the risk of breaking existing Java code,
> and Java takes compatibility very seriously.  Whether it's worth the
> risk is a matter of judgement.
> Andrew.

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