JDK 9 RFR of JDK-4851642: Add fused mac to Java math library

joe darcy joe.darcy at oracle.com
Wed Apr 13 00:21:05 UTC 2016


Please review the changes for

     JDK-4851642: Add fused mac to Java math library

Fused mac (multiply-accumulate) is a ternary floating-point operation 
which accepts three inputs, a, b, c, and computes

     a * b + c

with a single rounding error rather than the usual two rounding errors 
(a first for the multiply, a second one for the add). The fused mac 
operation was added in the 2008 update to the IEEE 754 floating-point 
standard and hardware support for the operation is becoming more and 
more common in different processor families.

When present as a hardware instruction, a fused mac can speed up loops 
such as those for polynomial evaluation. A fused mac can also be used to 
support a correctly rounding floating-point divide and support various 
higher-precision operations such as "doubled-double" arithmetic.

With the increasing availability of fused mac as a hardware primitive, 
the time has come to add fused mac to the Java math library. Fused mac 
is an ideal candidate to be intrinsified where hardware support is 
available. However, this initial implementation does not attempt to add 
any such intrinsics support in HotSpot; a follow-up RFE has been filed 
for that work (JDK-8154122). The current library implementation favors 
code simplicity over speed; a more performant implementation could be 
written by directly decomposing the floating-point inputs rather than 
turning to BigDecimal and may be written in the future. More extensive 
tests could be added in the future as well.



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