RFR: 8072921: -Xincgc should be removed from output

Stefan Karlsson stefan.karlsson at oracle.com
Tue Apr 19 09:58:31 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I hope this is the right list for this RFR.

Please review this patch to remove the -Xincgc output from the java 


The output can be seen by running 'java -X':
$ ../build/linux-x86_64-normal-server-release/jdk/bin/java -X
     -Xmixed           mixed mode execution (default)
     -Xint             interpreted mode execution only
     -Xbootclasspath/a:<directories and zip/jar files separated by :>
                       append to end of bootstrap class path
     -Xdiag            show additional diagnostic messages
     -Xdiag:resolver   show resolver diagnostic messages
     -Xnoclassgc       disable class garbage collection
     -Xincgc           enable incremental garbage collection

The -Xincgc flag was removed with JEP 214:
  JEP 214: Remove GC Combinations Deprecated in JDK 8

I've left the locale specific launcher files untouched. Should I update 
them as well?


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