Request for Review and Sponsor needed: JDK-8167648: should have PrintWriter((String|File), Charset) constructors

Patrick Reinhart patrick at
Wed Dec 21 21:08:13 UTC 2016

Hi Roger,

I tried to put your suggested changes, into the following webrev:

>>>> - 375:  Can this use the new private constructor that will handle psOut.
>>> Here I can not get hold on the encoding at this point or have I missed something here?
>> True, not easily, it is available as a String from OutputStreamWriter.getEncoding() but it would suffer from 
>> having to lookup it by name again.
> Right, even the Charset is actually available within the StreamEncoder implementation but not provided to the outside world.
> Also the OutputStreamWriter is in wrapped in a BufferedWriter and would be needed to be extracted from there again in the first place. 

Here I left the invocation as it was before…


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