[PING] [9] RFR of 5100935: No way to access the 64-bit integer multiplication of 64-bit CPUs efficiently

Andrew Haley aph at redhat.com
Thu May 19 09:44:52 UTC 2016

This is described as being to help RSA, etc., but it will be very hard
to use for that purpose without an add with carry.  There are many ways
to do the product, but a simple version of the core is like this:

   for i=0 to s-1
       C := 0
       for j=0 to s-1
           (C,S) := t[i+j] + a[j] * b[i] + C
           t[i+j] := S
       t[i+s] := C

   for i=0 to s-1
       C := 0
       m := t i *n' 0 mod W
       for j=0 to s-1
           (C,S) := t[i+j] + m*n[j] + C
           t[i+j] := S

... the result is in the carry flag and t .  The logic in the x86
version of SharedRuntime::montgomery_multiply uses a primitive which
multiplies two longs and accumulates the result into a triple-length
sum.  x86 can do this in four instructions.  I guess a primitive like
this will fit nicely with value types, but I'm not sure how it's
possible to do this with Java today.

(My apologies: I'm sure you know this already, but I didn't think it
was wise not to say anything.)


[Algorithm from http://koclab.cs.ucsb.edu/docs/koc/j37.pdf]

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