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Stuart Marks stuart.marks at
Sat Sep 3 00:41:07 UTC 2016

Hi Jonathan,

Welcome to OpenJDK, and thanks for your interest in JEP 269!

I see you found a the subtasks of JDK-8156070, which is basically a container 
for a bunch of ideas for work on the JEP 269 collections. I took a quick look 
through them and this one seemed promising:

JDK-8134373 explore potential uses of convenience factories within the JDK

This isn't necessarily what you're looking for, as it's not working on the 
collections themselves, but instead it's attempting to put them to use within 
the JDK. I've added some notes to this bug about the dynamics of retrofitting 
usage into the JDK. Although it's not work directly on the collections, finding 
out where they can and cannot be applied would definitely be useful. It would 
also be useful, of course, if space savings could be realized by using them 
instead of conventional collections (where appropriate, of course).

I'd also suggest looking beyond the JEP 269 tasks and at broader collections 
issues. To query for unresolved collections issues, go to; 
click Issues > Search for Issues; click Advanced; and paste the following query 
into the search box:

project = jdk and component = core-libs and subcomponent = java.util:collections 
and resolution = unresolved

(You should be able to run this query without having a JIRA account.)

There's a wider variety of things here, which might turn up something more 
appropriate. (Then again, the choice might be overwhelming.)

As Mark Reinhold mentioned, we're now in the "ramp-down phase 1" part of the JDK 
9 schedule, so the proposal is to start restricting the kind of work that can be 
done. The low-priority bugs are probably off the table until JDK 10 (I'm not 
sure when that tree opens up), but some things like docs and tests are still 
fair game for the time being. (Also note that "the javadoc" is a mixture of 
specifications and informative documentation, and the differences between them 
aren't always apparent. Specification changes require a good deal more rigor, 
and they go through extra rounds of review.)

Anyway, I hope you find something of interest. I'm going heads-down to prepare 
for JavaOne (Sep 18-22) but I'll try to keep an eye out for followup messages.



On 9/2/16 5:59 AM, Jonathan Bluett-Duncan wrote:
> Hi Stuart Marks,
> I've been told by Martijn Verburg on the discuss mailing list that you're
> the lead person for the Immutable Collections enhancements piece.
> Is there anything I can do to help you out with https://bugs.openjdk.
> or any other part of JEP 269
> <>?
> Kind regards,
> Jonathan
> On 28 August 2016 at 17:25, Jonathan Bluett-Duncan <jbluettduncan at>
> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> My name is Jonathan, and it's my first time posting to this mailing list.
>> I'm writing to you all as I'm rather interested in contributing to this
>> area of the OpenJDK. Particularly, I'm thinking I'd quite like to help out
>> with one of the subtasks for the Immutable Collections enhancements
>> <>. However I don't have
>> specific ideas and I don't know which of the subtasks would most closely
>> match my skills and knowledge, so I wondered if I could have some guidance
>> as to what I could do and how I can get started.
>> FYI, I've partially read the contribution instructions
>> <>, and I just submitted an OCA
>> earlier today, so I don't expect to be actually ready to participate until
>> I hear back from Oracle, but nonetheless I'd like to try to get the ball
>> rolling as soon as possible.
>> Kind regards,
>> Jonathan Bluett-Duncan

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