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Jonathan Bluett-Duncan jbluettduncan at
Mon Sep 5 22:49:25 UTC 2016

Hi Stuart,

Thank you for the very detailed response.

I decided to have a crack at "JDK-8134373 explore potential uses of
convenience factories within the JDK" today. I recognise it's only a P4 bug
and most likely won't be prioritised for Java 9, but I believe I found a
number of places where uses of
"Collections.unmodifiableList(Arrays.asList(...))" and "Arrays.asList(..)"
can be replaced with "List.of(...)". I've thus made some changes to my
local clone of the jdk9 codebase.

I'm now at a point where I'm unfamiliar with what one does next when
contributing to OpenJDK, so I wonder if you'd kindly advise me on what my
next step(s) are.

Kind regards,

On 3 September 2016 at 01:41, Stuart Marks <stuart.marks at> wrote:

> Hi Jonathan,
> Welcome to OpenJDK, and thanks for your interest in JEP 269!
> I see you found a the subtasks of JDK-8156070, which is basically a
> container for a bunch of ideas for work on the JEP 269 collections. I took
> a quick look through them and this one seemed promising:
> JDK-8134373 explore potential uses of convenience factories within the JDK
> This isn't necessarily what you're looking for, as it's not working on the
> collections themselves, but instead it's attempting to put them to use
> within the JDK. I've added some notes to this bug about the dynamics of
> retrofitting usage into the JDK. Although it's not work directly on the
> collections, finding out where they can and cannot be applied would
> definitely be useful. It would also be useful, of course, if space savings
> could be realized by using them instead of conventional collections (where
> appropriate, of course).
> I'd also suggest looking beyond the JEP 269 tasks and at broader
> collections issues. To query for unresolved collections issues, go to
>; click Issues > Search for Issues; click Advanced;
> and paste the following query into the search box:
> project = jdk and component = core-libs and subcomponent =
> java.util:collections and resolution = unresolved
> (You should be able to run this query without having a JIRA account.)
> There's a wider variety of things here, which might turn up something more
> appropriate. (Then again, the choice might be overwhelming.)
> As Mark Reinhold mentioned, we're now in the "ramp-down phase 1" part of
> the JDK 9 schedule, so the proposal is to start restricting the kind of
> work that can be done. The low-priority bugs are probably off the table
> until JDK 10 (I'm not sure when that tree opens up), but some things like
> docs and tests are still fair game for the time being. (Also note that "the
> javadoc" is a mixture of specifications and informative documentation, and
> the differences between them aren't always apparent. Specification changes
> require a good deal more rigor, and they go through extra rounds of review.)
> Anyway, I hope you find something of interest. I'm going heads-down to
> prepare for JavaOne (Sep 18-22) but I'll try to keep an eye out for
> followup messages.
> s'marks
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