Any news from JDK-8151981 in Java8 ?

João Paulo Varandas joaovarandas at
Tue Dec 12 14:20:29 UTC 2017

Hi guys!

We are also experiencing some odd issues here with
setCallSiteTargetNormal with Java8.

Our cenario is:

- Web Application using Tomcat;
- 8 HTTP Threads;
- A single ScriptEngine for the whole application;

When a request hits the server, that request may be processed by a
JavaScript (using Nashorn), this script is evaluated during runtime,
it may run queries(Jdbc) or execute business logic and then return
results(Maps and/or Collections) that are serialized to JSON before
being written to the response.

The problem is... sometimes 7 or more threads are getting stuck in the
setCallSiteTargetNormal method and I have no clue why is that
happening. Could you guys help me out troubleshooting this? - Or, if
there's a bug are there workarounds?

By the way, those are not freshly created ScriptEngines(which differ
from the normal issues related in the internet).

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