Ping~ Re: RFR 8181080/10, Refactor several sun/net shell tests to plain java tests

Weijun Wang at
Wed Jun 7 02:14:38 UTC 2017

On 06/06/2017 01:43 PM, Felix Yang wrote:
>> Missed "Add back read access" before trying to delete it?
> Based on my test results (local and JPRT), it deleted w/o any 
> exceptions. This was originally added by Max in 
> TO Max, could you comment if such chmod is still necessary?

I'm not sure now. Re-read JDK-7078355, it seems once upon a time there 
existed such a system that you have to chmod u+r.

> If yes, since this is just for test clean-up rather than a part of test 
> logic, is it enough with "File.setReadable(...)"?

My opinion today is to just remove the tearDown() method at all and let 
jtreg do any cleanup/retain work. Jtreg should do this even if it's a 
testng test, right?


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