RFR(M) : 8181761: add explicit @build actions for jdk.test.lib classes in all :tier2 tests

Alan Bateman Alan.Bateman at oracle.com
Thu Jun 8 15:52:21 UTC 2017

On 08/06/2017 16:24, Igor Ignatyev wrote:
> Chris/Alan,
> Although the test itself doesn't launch new VMs, 
>  jdk.test.lib.NetworkConfiguration, which this test directly depends 
> on, depends on jdk.test.lib.Platform which depends on 
> jdk.test.lib.Utils. and j.t.l.Utils depend on jdk.test.lib.process.* 
> classes as it might start new VMs. [1] is the list of classes 
> generated by running java/net/MulticastSocket/JoinLeave.java (w/o this 
> patch) w/ a clean JTwork dir, @build directives were added for all 
> these classes, this is exactly what was recommended by Jon in another 
> thread[2].
A long back, I wrote NetworkConfiguration to allow tests probe the 
network configuration. Chris did work in this area in recent times with 
a new version in test/lib/testlibrary. Now it seems to have moved again 
and has got tangled up in other test infrastructure. I appreciate that 
your are trying to do the right thing and centralize the test 
infrastructure but it's causing a lot of problems with test execution in 
jdk10/jdk10 and also making the tests much harder to maintain. Maybe the 
right thing it to clean up the test infrastructure first and eliminate 
all the cross package dependences before going further on this project.


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