RFR: JDK-8179697: Fix Html5 errors in java.naming, java.logging, jdk.httpserver, jdk.net, jdk.sctp

Daniel Fuchs daniel.fuchs at oracle.com
Fri May 12 09:05:12 UTC 2017

On 11/05/2017 20:46, Jonathan Gibbons wrote:
> Daniel,
> As a general comment, it is an accessibility error to have "gaps" in the
> header numbering, such as an <h4> following an <h2> without an
> intervening <h3>.

Oh! Thank you for the precision. I will take a second look with
that in mind.

> If you can point to specific files where you think the numbering has
> been semantically changed, that would be good to know.

In java.naming package.html files, some <h2> have been changed to <h3>.
I was just surprised that it only happened in some of java.naming
package.html files and not all, but I see that Kumar has fixed the issue
in his later webrev.

best regards,

-- daniel

> -- Jon

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