JEP 343: Packaging Tool Implementation - Status Update

Andy Herrick andy.herrick at
Mon Dec 10 18:21:42 UTC 2018

RFR: JDK-8212780: JEP 343: Packaging Tool Implementation

The initial request for review was sent out on October 23, with a 
refresh on November 11.

Since then we have been continuing to fix bugs and add needed 
functionality in response to the feedback we have received (full list 

Our current plan is:

1.) To publish /jpackage/ EA (Early Access) binaries (built from the 
sandbox repository) soon (before end of 2018).

2.) To have JEP 343 targeted and integrated into JDK13 early in 2019.

We are continuing to work through issues targeted to "internal" (meaning 
we expect to integrate them into JDK-8200758-branch of the open sandbox 
before before the whole branch is merged into OpenJDK).

The list of issues we have pushed to the sandbox since the initial RFR 
is as follows:

JDK-8214070     Analyze and Fix issues reported by Parfait
JDK-8214051     rename jpackager tool to jpackage
JDK-8212936     Makefile and other improvements for jpackager
JDK-8213756     SingleInstance runtime improvements
JDK-8213324     jpackager deletes existing app directory without warning
JDK-8213166     jpackager --argument arg is broken
JDK-8213163     --app-image arg does not work creating exe installers
JDK-8213385     jpackager Command-Line Argument File.
JDK-8214143     Reduce Resource files
JDK-8213748     jpackager native launcher for macosx, linux.
JDK-8213747     Makefile Improvements to Lib-jdk.packager.gmk
JDK-8213963     Flatten out jpackager packages and resources.
JDK-8214021     Create additional automated tests for jpackager
JDK-8213332     Create minimal automated tests for jpackager
JDK-8213333     Fix issues found in jpackager with automated tests
JDK-8213394     Stop using except for expected output.
JDK-8213345     Secondary Launchers broken on mac.
JDK-8213156     rename packages for jpackager
JDK-8213244     Fix all warnings in jpackager java code
JDK-8213162     Association description in Inno Setup cannot contain 
double quotes

/Andy Herrick

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