The meaning of the java.vendor property?

Martin Buchholz martinrb at
Fri Dec 14 04:51:42 UTC 2018

There's a configure flag for java.vendor (but not
java.specification.vendor) which is a strong hint.

  --with-vendor-name      Set vendor name. Among others, used to set the
                          'java.vendor' and 'java.vm.vendor' system
                          properties. [not specified]

On Thu, Dec 13, 2018 at 2:14 PM Mathiske, Bernd <mathiske at> wrote:

> I was wondering if it’s OK to modify the “java.vendor” system property as
> reported by System.getProperty() in our OpenJDK builds. Some binary OpenJDK
> distribution builders seem to be doing so, but others not. Is there a rule
> for this? The documentation does not seem exactly conclusive:
> What is a “vendor” in this context? Is it always supposed to be “Oracle
> Corporation” to stay compatible? Or is it supposed to be whoever builds and
> packages the binaries so we can track the origin of the binary artifacts
> better?
> Bernd

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