jpackage EA Build 0

Sverre Moe at
Sat Dec 15 16:26:57 UTC 2018

Some feedback from using this new JDK12 jpackage.

The argument --version is no longer used for setting the bundler version.
Thus one needs to specify bundle resources (spec for RPM and control for
DEB), if the version is anything other than "1.0".

I have yet to find out how to specify the bundle resources. It tells to put
them on the class path, but that cannot be right, as jpackage is module.
Using default package resource [menu icon]  (add package/movies.png to the
class path to customize)

Why is --icon the only bundle argument that can be set on jpackage?
Using custom package resource [menu icon]  (loaded from file

If these arguments where available there would be no need to add the bundle
resources to any class path.
--version, --release, --icon, --desktop, --linux-rpm-spec-file,
--linux-deb-control-file, --windows-exe-iss-file

The project I am trying this on is a fully modularized JavaFX application.
    task createInstaller(type: Exec) {
        dependsOn createRuntime
        dependsOn installDist

        commandLine '/usr/java/jdk-12/bin/jpackage', 'create-installer',
            '--description', project.description,
            '--vendor', "Smeaworks Inc",
            '--install-dir', "/opt/smeaworks",
            '--category', "Some/Category/Application",
            '--module-path', new File(installDist.outputs.files.singleFile,
            '--module', "${mainClassName}",
            '--runtime-image', ""${buildDir}/runtime
            '--output', "$buildDir/jfx/native"


Den fre. 14. des. 2018 kl. 13:47 skrev Andy Herrick <andy.herrick at

> I am pleased to announce that the first EA build of jpackage is now
> available at :
> This is an early access build of JEP 343: Packaging Tool
> <>, aimed at testing a prototype
> implementation of jpackage,
> This build is intended for developers interested in jpackage, and is
> provided as a convenience so that they don't need to build from the
> source code <>
> (branch="JDK-8200758-branch").
> Warning: This build is based on an incomplete version of JDK 12
> <>.
> Please send feedback via e-mail to core-libs-dev at
> /Andy

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