RFR: 8198526: getAnnotatedOwnerType does not handle static nested classes correctly

Joel Borggrén-Franck joel.borggren.franck at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 08:22:07 UTC 2018

Hi Liam,

I read the spec bugs, we had a similar discussion a few years ago
about the scoping. Given how all implementations of javac have behaved
for the last 4 years or so, I agree this is the right fix. Thanks for
the extra test.

Ship it!


On Wed, Dec 19, 2018 at 8:19 PM Liam Miller-Cushon <cushon at google.com> wrote:
> Hi Joel,
> I think this fix is appropriate for the other uses of nestingForType.
> The underlying problem here is the treatment of nested types in general, which directly affects getAnnotatedOwnerType, but also applies to the examples in JDK-8066967.
> I added an additional test based on the one in JDK-8066967:
> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~cushon/8198526/webrev.02/
> Re: JDK-8148504, javac consistently emits type_path_kind=1 entries for nested types when there are multiple parts for which type annotations are admissable. That wasn't consistent with JVMS 11, which expects type_path_kind=1 entries for all nested types (regardless of whether the enclosing type is admissable for annotations). The resolution was to update the spec in JDK-8215035 and leave javac's behaviour unchanged, and this change is updating reflection to be consistent with the updated spec and the existing javac behaviour.

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