Can @Stable (or something similar) be made accessible?

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> > So, the worst case scenario is: a value written into @Stable
> field/array  is never visible in some code no matter what you do. It can
> lead to nasty bugs when different parts of program don't agree on observed
> value. It can happen when user doesn't obey @Stable contract and performs
> multiple writes into a @Stable field/array. Current implementation in
> HotSpot doesn’t
> > forbid that.
> >
> This isn’t much different from the already allowed fine tuning of memory
> model effects (e.g., observing stale values from a plain write). In those
> scenarios, as is the case with @Stable, developers have to be aware of and
> honor the respective contract. It could be argued that bugs arising from
> contract violations of @Stable are easier to catch, due to their persistent
> nature.

Theyre only sort of persistent - they’re persistent only after the code is
JIT’d and also stays JIT’d (ie no deopt back to interpreter).  But JIT
itself is non-deterministic so it could create some really funky behavior,
and maybe even heisenbugs.

> -Jason

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