Review Request: JDK-8206240: java.lang.Class.newInstance() is causing caller to leak

Mandy Chung mandy.chung at
Tue Oct 2 19:33:16 UTC 2018

Class::newInstance maintains its separate cache of the caller
class after access check.  This leak has been there for a long
time and unnoticed.

This patch changes Class::newInstance to use the code path
for Constructor::newInstance doing the access check and
caching the caller class.  It will also get the illegal
access check in effect when Class::newInstance is called
consistent with Constructor::newInstance.

Webrev at:

Alan raises a question whether the cache is still needed
given that we have improved the performance of slow
path of access check with Class::getPackageName.  It's a
good investigation to follow up.


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