[PATCH] 4511638: Double.toString(double) sometimes produces incorrect results

raffaello.giulietti at gmail.com raffaello.giulietti at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 15:57:20 UTC 2018


On 2018-10-02 20:17, Martin Buchholz wrote:
> Raffaello and Ulf should talk.

I work on this project in my spare time, which is limited and not
entirely devoted to programming for the OpenJDK, of course ;-)

Starting this weekend, I'll try to recollect my notes and organize them
in paper or tutorial form.

I cannot speak for Ulf, of course, but my understanding is that his
porting to Java is a spare-time project, too.

> It seems like Ulf's ryu project is trying to solve the same problem.
> ryu is also still being worked on, but there is already a published
> paper and ryu is being adopted by various core libraries.
> https://github.com/ulfjack/ryu
> https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=3192369
> Ulf, if you haven't already signed an Oracle Contributor Agreement for
> openjdk, you should do so.
> (Who knew printing floating point numbers could be so hard?)

Well, printing floating point numbers is simple if there are no
performance concerns. Abstractly, it is only a matter of calculations
with rational numbers. It becomes harder when efficiency becomes part of
the goal.

The quest started about 30 years ago with a seminal paper of Steele &
White and seemed settled with an implementation by Gay around 1991.
Since then, other interesting approaches have seen light with the goal
of even better performance.


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