RFR [12] 8211920: Close server socket and cleanups in test/jdk/javax/naming/module/RunBasic.java

Chris Hegarty chris.hegarty at oracle.com
Tue Oct 9 10:20:56 UTC 2018

When the test fails sometimes the output is truncated, or even absent,
as the test's sub-process does not complete. This may happen if the
client-side encounters an issue and leaves the non-daemon server-side
thread blocked in accept. The test should close the server socket when
the client-side completes. This will enable the "real" error to be seen.
[ thanks to Chris Yin, for finding this! ]


While here, and since the test has been seen to fail occasionally, in
the more distant past, I took the liberty of changing the binding of the
server socket. It now follows the more stable pattern of using a
specific interface.


P.S. the test remains on the ProblemList since it still fails, but now
we can see why. 8211921 tracks the underlying issue in java.lang.invoke

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