Is it possible to find PDB (windows debugging info) for published jvm.dll?

Alexander Miloslavskiy alexandr.miloslavskiy at
Wed Oct 17 15:08:56 UTC 2018


I'm trying to debug a native crash that regularly happens for one of our 

It crashes somewhere amidst java interpreter code, with corrupted value 
in CPU's RIP register. So it's quite complicated.

It would certainly help me a lot if I had access to jvm.pdb files for 
published JRE's... I'm mostly after 10.0.1+10 and 8.0_144-b01 at the moment.

According to the published binaries, the PDB's are generated here on the 
build server:

I believe they are saved somewhere after building, at least internally?

Is there some way to obtain those pdb's myself?
If not, can someone send me the PDB's, at least for 10.0.1+10?

I understand that I can build OpenJDK myself to obtain the PDB's, but 
unfortunately they will not match dumps provided by the client.

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