Is it possible to find PDB (windows debugging info) for published jvm.dll?

David Holmes david.holmes at
Wed Oct 17 23:47:23 UTC 2018

Hi Alexander,

Not really a core-libs question, but in any case the simple answer for 
the Oracle JDK is No. We can not provide the PDB files to you.


On 18/10/2018 1:08 AM, Alexander Miloslavskiy wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to debug a native crash that regularly happens for one of our 
> customers.
> It crashes somewhere amidst java interpreter code, with corrupted value 
> in CPU's RIP register. So it's quite complicated.
> It would certainly help me a lot if I had access to jvm.pdb files for 
> published JRE's... I'm mostly after 10.0.1+10 and 8.0_144-b01 at the 
> moment.
> According to the published binaries, the PDB's are generated here on the 
> build server:
> t:\workspace\build\windows-x64\support\modules_libs\java.base\server\jvm.pdb 
> I believe they are saved somewhere after building, at least internally?
> Is there some way to obtain those pdb's myself?
> If not, can someone send me the PDB's, at least for 10.0.1+10?
> I understand that I can build OpenJDK myself to obtain the PDB's, but 
> unfortunately they will not match dumps provided by the client.

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