Patch for 6202130: java.util.jar.Attributes.writeMain() can't handle multi-byte chars

Philipp Kunz philipp.kunz at
Wed Sep 26 05:08:03 UTC 2018


There are some comments in the source code like this:

 > XXX Need to handle UTF8 values and break up lines longer than 72 bytes

in on lines 299, 327, and 370. Bug 6202130 also suggests 
to add a test to show that the character set is fully supported before 
actually removing those comments.

Hence, I added such a test, see ValueUtfEncoding in attached patch, and 
it finds the complete utf character set supported correctly and that it 
has been so already before.

The comments in Attributes also say that lines longer than 72 bytes need 
to be broken. That is a different issue and has been already addressed 
and solved in bug 6372077 and is now tested in LineBreakLineWidth and 
therefore, that line break part of the comment is obsolete now as well 
with the exception of version headers ("Manifest-Version" or 
"Signature-Version") at least when taking strictly.

Version headers are not subject of bug 6202130 for which my patch 
intends to provide a fix and if only because multi-byte characters are 
not allowed in version headers and wasn't subject of 6372077 either 
which was about too short lines rather than too long ones. If I would 
change only the minimum I could argue was safe, there would have to 
remain a comment in on line 327 like

 > XXX Need to handle version headers longer than 72 bytes

but I guess that should probably better be represented as another bug 
rather than this style of comment if at all desired. There are some bugs 
concerning version headers and particularly the behavior of the 
manifests in their absence, among possibly others, 6910466, 4935610, 
4271239, 8196371 and 4256580 which have some relation but I haven't 
found one that really fits the 72 byte line length limit of version 
headers. Whether such a bug is created or found or not, it does not 
directly relate to the one I'm trying to fix here, 6202130.

If also the test is good I would assume that the comments can be 
removed now without actually changing the Manifest and Attributes 

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