RFE: annotation for resource wrapper methods

Rob Spoor openjdk at icemanx.nl
Sat Aug 10 16:00:16 UTC 2019


When you wrap a resource (InputStream, etc) using a class constructor 
(e.g. new BufferedInputStream(...)), compilers usually don't complain. 
If you do the exact same thing using a utility method, compilers aren't 
that smart anymore. For instance, the following produces a warning that 
the FileInputStream may not be closed, even though the wrap method 
returns a new InputStream that closes the FileInputStream if it's closed 

     try (InputStream decoded = Base64.getDecoder().wrap(new 
FileInputStream("filename"))) {

It would be nice if there were some annotation that we could use to mark 
a method as being resource-safe, because they either close the resource, 
or return a wrapper around it. It would be a bit like @SafeVarargs but 
for resources. Methods like wrap would then be annotated with this new 
annotation, and compilers shouldn't complain anymore. The alternative is 
a lot more verbose:

     try (@SuppressWarnings("resource") InputStream decoded = 
Base64.getDecoder().wrap(new FileInputStream(""))) {

(I don't know if this is the right mailing list, but I couldn't find a 
better one.)

Kind regards,


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