jdk-14-jpackage+1-33 on jdk.java.net

Andy Herrick andy.herrick at oracle.com
Wed Aug 21 22:27:19 UTC 2019

The next EA build of JPackage is available at https://jdk.java.net/jpackage/

This build ( jdk-14-jpackage+1-33 ) (2019/8/20) is the next early access 
release based on JDK-14

This release contains fixes to the following issues:

JDK-8229788     Error dialog displays with DLL issue when installing 
WinChooserTest application
JDK-8225447     Revise Debian packaging
JDK-8213941     Debian linux problems in JavaPackager
JDK-8229334     jpackage .exe packages cannot be executed due to missing DLL
JDK-8227058     Regressions related to no longer setting user.dir
JDK-8226599     use code coverage results to remove dead code
JDK-8226191     jpackager --license-file option broken on windows for 
jdk installers.
JDK-8215381     Investigate if current implementation of --license-file 
is correct for Debian packages
JDK-8229138     Add --linux-app-release option for DEB and RPM packages
JDK-8229791     Code clean up regressions
JDK-8229786     No output after WinShortcutTest.exe is launched
JDK-8229750     Fix bad merge of JDK-8215447 patch
JDK-8215446     JPackageCreateInstallerInstallDirTest fails on OLE7
JDK-8215447     Investigate if current implementation of --license-file 
is correct for RPM packages
JDK-8227172     revert JDK-8225569 on windows
JDK-8224788     jpackage fails on OS X when using --runtime-image
JDK-8229252     Add descriptions to Windows jtreg tests
JDK-8228744     file associations broken on linux.
JDK-8227312     Remove pkg bundle from DMG image.
JDK-8228722     jpackage RPM tests fail on some versions of rpmbuild
JDK-8222778     Packaging Tool (JEP 343) on Linux/AArch64
JDK-8224627     Creating installer with --runtime-image on OS X fails
JDK-8226904     current working directory wrong running jpackage app
JDK-8224486     Arguments from jpackager cfg file not processed correctly
JDK-8226835     Command window pops up building exe package
JDK-8225092     Several jpackage tests failed when run with jcov enabled


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