jdk-14-jpackage+1-33 on jdk.java.net

Michael Paus mp at jugs.org
Thu Aug 22 13:42:03 UTC 2019

Thanks for the EA version of jpackage. Great job. I wish this could 
still make it into Java 13.

Here is a little feedback according to my practical experience with it:

Add type "img", "app" or similar to --package-type.
It makes the handling in scripts easier.

DMG folder does not contain an alias to "Applications" as usual.

DMG folder does not contain a background image.

DMG file has only the default icon but not an application specific icon.

PKG installer shows only the default java icon but not an application 
specific icon.

Help message printed for --help:

--icon should mention the possible file types. (Seems to be only ".icns" 
for the Mac)

There is no further text after
"Platform dependent options for creating the application package:"
Is there something missing? Are all the --mac-* options not platform 

On Windows:

The docs should describe which version of WiX should be installed and 
how. E.g.,

it is not possible to install the reccomended version on Windows 10 due 
to some

missing .Net dependencies.

Wishlist for the future:

Allow to specify a single PNG file or a folder with several PNG files in 
various sizes
as the --icon option and generate the platform specific icons internally.

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