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Andy Herrick andy.herrick at oracle.com
Mon Aug 26 16:40:45 UTC 2019

Thanks for your feedback.

I wanted to let you know we are, or soon will be, looking these issues, 
so I am responding before I have had a chance to look at them all ...

On 8/22/2019 9:42 AM, Michael Paus wrote:
> Thanks for the EA version of jpackage. Great job. I wish this could 
> still make it into Java 13.
> Here is a little feedback according to my practical experience with it:
> Add type "img", "app" or similar to --package-type.
> It makes the handling in scripts easier.
I totally agree, and would propose "app-image" as a valid target 
"package-type" on all platforms, meaning the same thing as currently 
implemented when no package-type is specified (then the default value of 
"package-type" would just be "app-image"
> DMG folder does not contain an alias to "Applications" as usual.
I can see this as well, and will inquire of our installer experts how to 
implement this.
> DMG folder does not contain a background image.
This has been discussed before - without resolution yet. Do we need a 
new mac specific option to declare a background image ?
> DMG file has only the default icon but not an application specific icon.
I think I see what you mean, the dmg file in finder shows the default 
dmg icon, when clicked on, the new finder windows shows the dmg file 
with the custom icon properly.
> PKG installer shows only the default java icon but not an application 
> specific icon.
The original pkg file shows a default "pkg" icon, but when clicked on 
the pkg installer shows the default packager javacup icon, instead of 
the icon specified by --icon option.
> Help message printed for --help:
> --icon should mention the possible file types. (Seems to be only 
> ".icns" for the Mac)
Yes - there is only one icon format per platform (and it is ".icns" on 
macOS).  This should be better documented.
> There is no further text after
> "Platform dependent options for creating the application package:"
> Is there something missing? Are all the --mac-* options not platform 
> dependent?

All the --mac-* options are "option for creating the application 
launcher" (since the need to go into the Info.plist) so there are none 
left in the "Platform dependent options for creating the application 
package:".  We should probably skip this header line if it has no content.

(Similarly, there are no "Platform dependent option for creating the 
application launcher" on linux.)

> On Windows:
> The docs should describe which version of WiX should be installed and 
> how. E.g.,
> it is not possible to install the reccomended version on Windows 10 
> due to some
> missing .Net dependencies.

I haven't used Windows 10 myself , but soon will.  I filed a bug this 
morning that when no wix is found in the path, no appropriate error 
message is shown.

This error message might be a good place to state exactly what versions 
of wix are required on each version of Windows.

> Wishlist for the future:
> Allow to specify a single PNG file or a folder with several PNG files 
> in various sizes
> as the --icon option and generate the platform specific icons internally.

Yes - we had others comment on the inability to use images of multiple 
sizes, and need to look into that as well. Auto-generating the proper 
icon format from a standard image format is also worth considering.

I will be filing issues on most of the above this week, as I investigate 


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