Thomas Vatter thomas_vatter at
Sat Dec 14 17:22:07 UTC 2019


I've created a modular jar and jre image by jlink.

I tested it with this command:

PS C:\_dev\exebase\SimpleApp> .\jimage\bin\java.exe -m SimpleApp
Dec 14, 2019 6:07:39 PM simpleapp.SimpleApp main
INFO: SimpleApp says hello

It says "SimpleApp says hello" in the powershell window.

Then I packaged it by

jpackager.exe create-image --input dist --output jp_out --name test01
--icon icn\favicon.ico --runtime-image jimage --main-jar SimpleApp.jar

This creates in the output folder a file structure with an exe file in it.

When I execute the exe file fron the powershell there is no error
message, but it doesn't say "SimpleApp says hello" any more.

Is something wrong?



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