running java with LD_DEBUG-tracing

Baesken, Matthias matthias.baesken at
Wed Dec 18 09:43:36 UTC 2019

Hello, I  recently worked a bit with  the  "verbose debugging information"  output  about operations of the   dynamic linker  (to sort out some lib loading issues) .

  about the LD_DEBUG  flag.

By chance I noticed  the following  output when running a trivial Java program  :

LD_DEBUG=libs     /linuxx86_64/output-jdk-test/images/jdk/bin/java   Test
  . . .
     12241:             /linuxx86_64/output-jdk-test/images/jdk/lib/ error: symbol lookup error: undefined symbol: Java_jdk_internal_reflect_Reflection_getCallerClass (fatal)

What is wrong with  "Java_jdk_internal_reflect_Reflection_getCallerClass"  ?
Does the error message  occur because of  the naming  Java_jdk_internal_reflect_Reflection_getCallerClass__  with the added "__"  at the end of the method  (Reflection.c) ?

Best regards, Matthias

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